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Hitching to Pilsen from Prague, 11-11-03


I am 19 years old hitchiker from more places in Czech Republic (last known is Pilsen). I have hitchhiked in 15 European countries, I've been to European Hitchgathering in Sines 6-8-10 and now I am going to try The Hitchhiking contest Paris->Dakar 11-11-11.

Hitchiking history

Actual hitchmap

Planned or actual trips/dreams

  • Hitchhike to Dakar and maybe more (depart 11-11-09 from Prague)
  • Turkey, Georgia (hopefully 2012)
  • and much much more

Records & statistics

My memory is not really good so it doesn't have to be exact. I might start to do exact statistics.

  • Total distance: min. 35.000 km from 2009 till October 2011 (probably 1-4 thousands more)
  • Longest rides:
  • Worst hitchhiking: