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Joined 8 August 2022

A psychologist interested in Western and Eastern philosophy, Buddhist, diver and free spirit. Once understood that there is no meaning in life, just emptiness, decided to sacrifice one's life on journeys which gives freedom. Passioned by wild life and nature, hitchhiking and hosting strangers.

Some stories

- In 2018 moving in Russia to Georgia we (couple) were picked up by Chechen military on the retreat who were going back home. He was driving more than 15h in a row from Moscow and was falling asleep every 5-10 sec. Not playing the guitar, not talking, not shouting could wake him up. I had terrible headache that night and fall asleep. Waking up I fould that it was already 4:30 a.m. (he took us at 10 p.m.) and my gf was still not sleeping controling that guy. We did 700+ km that night, it was dangerous and stupid.

- In 2022 moving home I was waiting a car in Estonia, in total nowhere. So car stopped. The woman who stopped was sad and irrational what I understood straight. She was falling asleep during the drive. So, I changed her at the wheel. Starting moving I realized that our panel is showing us 0 fuel, cool right? As we've been to a petrol station she woke up (more or less). By that time I already started to understand that she is not herself. She was depressed, had some kind of "problem" which she did not want to speak about, she suffered a lot, her speech was irrational and mysterious, afterwards she started to call on random phone numbers asking them if the opponent was that one with whom she was yesterday. After having negative response she asked the same question, when the call was ended she started it again. I successfully drove her to the city and idk what happened next to her. But my clinical hypothesis is that she had some type of psychotic episode.

- In 2022 I stopped a motorbike in Poland! The trick is that it had a cradle and it already was a person in it! So I took a backseat of driver, and girl in cradle was holding my backpack! Unbelievable!


Summer 2018: Baltics - Ukraine - Russia - Georgia - back to EU through Turkey

Summer 2022: France - Spain - Greece - back to Baltics through Makedonia and Slovakia