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Day 1 - two guys going south

  • From Gothenburg took bus to IKEA, Kållered
  • There we asked a lot of people, 2hrs, no one took us, stood by the entrance ramp to highway, got picked up after 5 minutes
  • A mom took us 5 km south to "Sandsjöbacka"
  • Here we waited for 2hrs, sitting down, asking around (got many many many excuses), finally a guy picked us up and took us to Halmstad
  • Halmstad we finally found the place to hitchhike from, after 1.5h -- too late then


  • On the morning we got a hitch from a guy down to Malmö, we were in malmö around 10 AM
  • From malmö we took us out to a place recommended as the best place to go to denmark in the Malmö article, by the very LAST e6 entrance ramp closest to denmark I think, you take the bus to Ollebo. There on the illegal place to stand, we got a ride right away and she took us to Copenhagen
  • In denmark we gave up as my leg was acting up :<