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Corrod3 is a hitch-hiker from Germany, who started hitch-hiking in 2009, when he was 18, and since then became obsessed by it. He has lived in Germany, USA, Mongolia and Russia and has hitch-hiked in various places. From the beginning except for some friends was his most valuable source of information to catch a ride. Hitch-hiking is for him more a hobby or sport and not done out of pure necessity.


Corrod3 has been hitch-hiking in

Personal records

  • Longest Rides
    • 929 km from Dean Funes to Salta, staying the night and getting picked up in the morning to go to Cafayate in March of 2014
  • Fastest Trip
    • 374 km in 3:30 including waiting times with 3 lifts from Dresden to Fulda in 2011.
  • Longest distance on one day
  • Longest continuous hitch-hike trip
  • Fastest Lift
    • On the German A4 on the way from Fulda to Dresden, a Polish father-son SUV caravan with average speed of 180 km/h in March 2011.
  • Slowest Lift
    • Around 30 km/h on the back of a truck trailer in North-East Nicaragua in March 2012.
  • Biggest amount of people hitched with
    • About 15, on the back of a little pick-up in Nicaragua, March 2012.
  • Most unlikely vehicle
    • A truck transporting a TPz Fuchs (armed and armoured military personnel carrier) in June 2012 in Germany.