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Bernhard hitchhiking in Chile.
  • Bernhard is a film making student from Austria and he has been to more than 30 countries.
  • So far, he hitchhiked in the United Kingdom and Chile and is also a very active couch surfer.
  • He speaks German, English, Spanish and a bit of Finnish and Russian.
  • He started hitchhiking in June 2009 and did around 10 000 km since then, mostly in Chile.

Personal records

Bernhard got a lift on the Ruta 5.
  • Shortest waiting time
    • 1 Minute in Chillan, Chile. I hoped out of the car and was walking with my sign for 2 metres back and immediately another car pulled over.

Remarkable Moments

  • I almost got robbed by three freaks in Chile. They picked me up at the Ruta 5 and after half an hour I got suspicious. I realized that their talking was a big lie and it seemed that they want to robb me. In a convenient moment, I told, that I got robbed in Concepcion after the Earthquake in February 2010 (what I seriously experienced) and need to go to Santiago de Chile to borrow money from a friend. Luckily I did not have a big backpack with me, so my lie turned out to be working. In La Pintana (the poorest and most dangerous neighborhood) in Santiago de Chile they finally kicked me out of the car.
  • Hitchhiking from Holyhead to London was fun, since the driver was a famous irish soccer player (although I did not know him) and I got a lift in a nice Mercedes.
  • A crazy guy somewhere on the Ruta 5 in Chile picked me up and drove with 160km/h, overtaked cars from the right and finally showed me an exceptionally big amount of cocaine. I am sure he was on drugs during this ride.
  • My longest ride with almost 1500km. I guy gave me a lift and as he had to go far, I endet up driving the car for some time as well. He offered me to stay at his house for the night and paid for food and drinks. Next day a friend of him needed to go to the exact same destination as I wanted to go and I could go with him - also driving the car part time.
  • Well, there are numberless moments more, since something special happens all the time. People tried to convince me to the islam, I positively hitchhicked within a car (holding the sign out of the window while I was in a car who gave me a lift), got free food and drinks, was kicked out of a car in the night somewhere on a highway where the cars passed by with 120km/h.


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