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Trois-Rivières is an historic city of Canada and the third biggest city of Quebec in term of population (Laval, Metropolitan Montreal's suburb excluded]]. It is located at halfway between Quebec city and Montreal on the North shore of the St-Lawrence and create a natural cuts on the journey as highway A-40 goes directly through its centre and it is also the only possible crossing point between Quebec city and Montreal to pass on either side of the St-Lawrence river, this is possible by crossing the 'Pont Laviolette' on highway A-55.

Being a important centre along the way, many people might either stop here during the journey either to have a lunch or simply because it is their destination. It is therefore important to pay attention to be left at a decent spot depending of the direction you're heading at. Trois-Rivières is also the crossroad between A-40 (Quebec - Montreal) and A-55 (Sherbrooke - Lac-St-Jean), but the major highway project for the city has never been completed and therefore A-40 is incompleted while crossing this city. Every traveller must then take A-55 for about 6km before heading again East-West, this is an important element to take in consideration about where to get left.