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<map lat='45.656528' lng='13.81213' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 209,000
Licence plate: TS
Major roads: A1, E70, E61
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Trieste is a city in the very east of Italy.

Hitching Out

South-East (Rijeka)

Most traffic going to Croatia is passing a small village called Basovizza. You can take the Busline 39 to get there. The Bus starts at the main rail station inside the city, passing the university, then uphill. If the Bus is leaving the main road, then it is the right time to get out. Go back to the road and start hitchhiking from there. Its an average place here, because it is behind curve, but you will be seen soon enough to get away.

East (Ljubljana)

Take the tram to Opicina, which is a town almost on the border. The main village road becomes the road to the border, getting out of town there are places where they can stop. Just after the border there is a gas station on the motorway, or you can stand by the old road.

South (Koper) , (Muggia) , maybe (Ljubljana)

Take a bus that goes to Aquilinia , for example bus 20 departing from the city center, direction Muggia . Get of on the first stop in Aquilinia , which is more less the first stop after passing an industrial district. Walk towards the second stop (if you aren't already there). The second stop is located right after a traffic light and a zebra crossing. In front of you you will see a blue sign which encourages drivers to slow down. A couple hundert meters further the roads splits, one can eighter enter the high way or drive towards Muggia . Probably good to have a sign (KP for Koper ). We tested this spot only while trying to get to Koper, but i assume if you're lucky you could also hitch a ride towards Ljubljana. Average wating time 45 minutes ( Italy is not very hitch hiking friendly).