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Hitchhikers will never die

Hitchhiking can become slightly less ephemeral by leaving traces.

Hitchhiking is short time action, usually not leaving anything for future than few nice memories. What will remain after something as ephemeral as a ride? How can we communicate with other people passing by the same place but in different time?

What Traces can we leave?

  • Postcards we send to drivers
  • Notes we can find on road signs left by other hikers
  • Cardboard sign found at a spot with the same direction as yours


  • Hitchhikers Bars
  • graffiti and stencils announcing Official Hitchhiking Spot approved by Hitchwiki Community - though this is probably illegal and not a great way to create wider acceptance of hitchhiking
  • one driver said that he wants to get a sticker saying that he is HitchhikerFriendly! Let's do it!

What's already happening

  • All over Germany and at some spots in the north of France, Hungary Netherlands, Romania and Bulgaria, you can actually already find some "Hitchhikers will never die" stickers printed by the German Autostop Society. Maybe it would be fun to make a list of places where you maybe could find some of those. Other hitchers can then leave a message there, too ;) For the sticker, see the image to the right. You can get them here.