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<map lat='45.06867131826392' lng='7.6849365234375' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 906,000
Licence plate: TO
Major roads: A4, A5, A21, A32
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Torino is a city in Italy close to the French border. The city is a famous haven for car manufacturers and thus it's surroundings are not exactly beautiful once outside of the city centre. However, there are plenty of fields to sleep in, public transport is cheap and the pizza is superb.

Hitching out

West towards Chambéry, Lyon, Grenoble (France)

The best way is starting from the petrol station "Rivoli Nord", in Alpignano town, in which you can get very easily. Take the bus 32 (ticket "biglietto interurbano", costs less than 2 euros) and go till the headline "Robotti". From there take Via Rivoli and walk it down till the end (more or less 1 km). Right before the highway there is a a small country road on the left which goes along the highway. It will take you directly to the petrol station. Once there you just have to follow the fence until you reach the revolving doors. Another way to get here if coming from Mezcal squat in Colegno is by train from the Colegno train stop and by getting of at the next one in Alpignano. Coming out of the train station you are already on Via Rivoli.

On the A32 (E70) in Susa (about 20km from Torino), there is a truck stop (with petrol station and restaurant) where you will find a lot of trucks going both ways (to Chambéry or Turin). You can get in Susa by train and the spot worth the effort.

An efficient way to get a ride westwards is to get to the toll (pedaggio in Italian) at Bruere. Take a bus to Macario stop on Corso Francia and walk along Via Bruere until you across the bridge and see the tollgate on your left. Get off the road and walk through the maize field along the motorway direction, you will see the toll office. There is a rail fence which is easy to climb over, other places along the edge are splitted by net fences. Stand by the outmost toll ramp with a sign indicate your direction and waiting for your ride. A service area is just 1km ahead.

East and South

The best way is starting from the petrol station "Nichelino sud", in Nichelino town, in which you can get very easily. Take the bus 35 (ticket "biglietto interurbano", costs less than 2 euros) and go till the stop "Torino". Than you have to walk for something like 1,5-2km following: Via Torino (keep it for approx 100m), Via Gozzano (keep it for approx 1km), turn left on via Vernea (keep it for approx 100m) turn left on Via Napoli. After 50m you'll see a small country road which takes you directly in the petrol station. There's no fence to climb.


There is a gas station called "Stazione di Servizio ENI" thats on the A55 north of Turin. A lot of traffic goes towards Milano, but there are some cars going north towards Aosta / Bern / Germany. You can reach the gas station by public transport and walking. Take a bus or a local train to the train station Turino Stura. From there its a 2,5 km walk. This is the adress of the gas station: Tangenziale Nord, KM 16,315, 10156 Torino. These are the coordinates: 45°07'43.4"N 7°41'26.2"E. If you come from the back street (Strada del Molino del Villaretto) there is a gate

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