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Template:Torino is a city in Italy close to the France Border. The city is a famous haven for car manufacturers and thus it's surroundings are not exactly beautiful once outside of the city centre. However, there are plenty of fields to sleep in, public transport is cheap and the pizza is superb.

Hitching Out

[[1]] attempted to hitch out of here for four hours from the industrial north of the town. Not a scratchling. Either be prepared for alot of walking or get public transport out a little way.

North/South/West/East towards City

Public transport

You can get a train from Port d'Nuova for very cheap (€7) to the french border town Modane (train and bus) from which it is relatively simple to hitch out of to france. Likewise for other smaller towns outside of Turin in different directions.


Walk out of the city a little way and you'll find many abandoned fields in front of factories and if you keep searching, some form of shelter. Bon chance!