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Thessaloniki is a city in Greece.

Hitching Out

West to Igoumenitsa

User Liva hopes someone will help to edit this because she can't really remember everything with bus numbers and so on but she wrote down what she remembered. Take the bus from the train station and say that you want to go to the bus station. At the bus station you will see the motorway going in your direction. Just walk across the road (roundabout) and to the exit to the highway. As she remembers there was a pretty good spot to stop for the cars too. In Igoumenitsa you can get a ride with trucks over the see to Italy.


After a rainy day not wanting to hitch hike and Livas couchsurfing host flying to Israel she did not know where to go for her needed night sleep. It was poring down so she did not want to sleep outside. She asked the people on the train station if she could sleep there even though they where closed at night, and she could! She had security guards walking around all night and sleeping with her earplugs the guarded do wake me up one hour after opening, all people running around, herself sleeping like a baby. This is a tip anyway. It might be worth to tell you that she is a girl with a Swedish pasport witch might make it easier than for a boy. ��������������������