The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking

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The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking is a "concept album" by English musician Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd musician. Apart from that we might also be able to say something sensible that's actually related to hitchhiking.

Pros of hitchhiking

  • Adventure
  • Free as in free beer
  • Free as in free speech
  • It lets to get more in touch with the local culture
  • Environmentally friendly. While public transportation is okay, they still put in service more vehicles as more and more passengers show up, on the other hand, travelling by hitchhiking results (almost) no more carbon emission than the car you are getting into will release anyway.

Cons of hitchhiking

  • Hard to be sure when you're getting somewhere, although after a couple of years of hitchhiking in a country you'll get a fair good idea about when you can be somewhere.
  • It might seem dangerous, although with some precautions hitchhiking is fairly safe.
  • Best hitchhiking spots are usually fairly out of city centres, which may require some long walks or gaining a little bit of knowledge about local urban transportation.
  • Hitchhiking exposes you more to the extremities of local climate. When you attract a lift at last, you can very well end up cold, thirsty, completely soaked up—either by rain or by your own sweat—or anywhere in between.
  • Waiting for a lift can sometimes be quite boring.
  • Some drivers are far more talkative than what you would feel yourself comfortable.
  • Some drivers are far less talkative than what you would feel yourself comfortable.
  • Traveling at night saves a lot of time, but it can be difficult to hitchhike at night.