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Ternopil is a city in western Ukraine with a nice lake and historical ruins.

Hitching out

West towards L'viv

From the lake walk west on Ruska bd until a big junction with traffic lights where it becomes Berezhanska bd. There turn right on L'vivska street, there is a bus stop after 30m that can lead you for few grinis out of the city though could be better keep walking for about 1km and hitch next to the hotel on your right. The sidewalk as the road are in really disaster conditions as lots of other in the country.

Accommodation and Sleep

The western side of the lake is a bit wilder and adapt for wildcamping. Though is still very used by people for gathering, drink and smoke, is so much calmer and permit you to find a nice place to set up your tent. The gardens on the eastern side of the lake (the closer to the city) are more crowded and is more likely that police can come to annoy you.