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This is a template for the Picture of the Moment of the main page. Everybody is free to add his hitchhiking-pictures to the main page and share it together with all the hitchhikers out there. Maximum amount of pictures at one time is 2 !

Well, how to add my pictures now?

That's easy.

  • First you upload the file. Click here to do so. After uploading the image you have to remember the filename and return to this template.
  • Second, you click on the edit Button at the top of the article. Then a textbox appears where you can change all the text here.
  • Third, you type in the following code under the <!--!!! ADD YOUR IMAGE HERE !!!--> text.
  • Instead of XX you fill in the name of the file, and instead of description...well, you'll get it :)
  • At all, don't panic about style and stuff. If you make a mistake, doesn't matter. The wiki-syntax isn't that easy, but there' enough hitchhikers out there who will fix it fast.
  • Thanks a lot!