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1 July 2009 - Hitchwiki switched its licence to Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA). That basically means, we can now use content from many other wikis (Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikivoyage), but also from some other sites, i.e. OpenStreetMap and many images from flickr are CC.

21 June 2009 - It is now possible to follow all the cool hitchhiking stories from around the world via Twitter. Thanks to alex!

9 June 2009 - The German hitchhiking championship, held on June 12th, can be followed on the mobile hitchhiking blog (or via Twitter/trampen). It's free for all to use (standard rates apply) while on the road, to keep friends and families informed, or just to tell the world how amazing your last ride was!

8 May 2009 - guaka made an attempt to improve the layout of Hitchwiki, comments and suggestions are very welcome. Also check the discussion about a possible new logo.

21 January 2009 - The English version of hitchwiki has a new main page - add your thoughts here. We also finally installed the latest WordPress version at blogs.hitchwiki.org, so now blogging is even finer, including new plugins and themes.

6 January 2009Platschi initiated a Bulgarian language version of the Hitchwiki!

12 December 2008 - Switzerland is finally in the Schengen Agreement, and long existed cross-border passport checks are on their way to be abolished. The land border checkpoints are to be closed from this day, though people entering the country would have their passports checked until March 29, 2009, if they originate from a Schengen nation.