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{{Infobox Swedish Location
|map       = 
|country   = 
|län       =
|pop       = 
|motorways = 
|footnotes = 

Thanks a lot and have fun using the template. For more information about this, have a look at How to add the country infobox.

When filling in

The page will be put into a Category according to what you write in country − so write Sweden here... The breadcrumb navigation (Template:IsIn) will be added according to what you write in län (county).

Infobox Swedish Location
Country: [[Image:flag_of_{{{country}}}.png|20x18px|border|Flag of {{{country}}}]] [[{{{country}}}]]
Län: [[{{{län}}}]]
Population: {{{pop}}}
Motorways: {{{motorways}}}
More Info: