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Old Events




  • 11-12 October 2008 The 3rd Edition of the Big Belgian Open Hitchhiking Contest. Short and intense, involves hitchhiking to secret location, drinking beers and camping outside. Good clean hitchhiking fun!
  • 3-5 October 2008 - The Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club celebrates it's 12th anniversary. For more information, check out their website.
  • 5–7 September 2008 - The Annual abgefahren e.V. club meeting will take place at Oberkeil close to Bayreuth. Open for everyone. Workshops, talks, etc. More info and registration here.
  • 23 August – 5 September 2008/open end - Viva con Agua hitchhiking race from Hamburg/St.Pauli to the EXPO 2008 in Saragossa with the topic Water and Sustainable Development.