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Hitchhiking out of Thessaloniki to Edessa/Florina/Albania You can catch a city bus from the KTEL number 81 which goes to Koufalia for 60 cents. Then get off at the last bus stop in Chalkidona (after this the bus turns off the main road to koufalia) and walk about 200 metres up the road to the crossing which is a good place for hitching - got a ride before we managed to put out a thumb. then the road goes directly to edessa, then florina.

Turkish truck stops

Are there no Turkish truck stops in Greece of the type which are relatively common in Bulgaria and Romania? I use these a lot in the other countries and they work great. I'm on the lookout for them in Greece too but haven't spotted one yet on my way from Albania to Thessaloniki. But now I'm heading from Thessaloniki to Turkey. — Hippietrail 09:51, 20 October 2011 (CEST)