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General: Polish roads are not in a poor quality. Beside of that, hitchhikers should not mention the quality of roads, they should have other worries. The Polish road network has improved gigantically over the last 1.5 decade. The roads are fully up to doing what is demanded of them. If you say the roads are bad, it means you need better roads. But why do you need them? I do not understand that. Do you feel better with top end roads? Would you like over 10,000 km of fast motorways, as Polands western neighbour has? If so, why? Aren't you a simple hitchhiker. Take care and take your time.

Langauge: An insult to Poles! "are unable to speak". Hm. What to think of that. And still apart from that - I guess that about 1/4th of the Poles speaks English, 1/4th of the Poles speaks German (if just enough to travel - which is your goal - not to insult people be careful with what you say), all speak Polish and half of them speak Russian (if just a bit). Ten percent speak Lithuanian. Ten percent speak Czech or Slovakian. Five percent speaks French or Italian. Czy ty mowic pan po polsku?

Pozdrowienia Frank Verhart

  • I know hardly anyone who would speak any Russian in Poland, apart from my friends studying either Russian studies or Eastern politics or guys doing business in Russia or Ukraine. I tried to use Russian in the street several times and was always asked if I could speak English instead. It may be different in the east of Poland but in Poznan you would probably make with Russian no better than with Czech or Slovak. 13:39, 11 March 2007 (CET)

Hiking in Poland

Frankly speaking throughout my life I've never been to a country where hitchhiking was so easy. I know that such experiences differ from person to person, but in fact very seldom did I have to wait longer than 1,5 hour. In fact, when leaving most major towns the waiting time usually does not exceed 30 minutes. Especially if you find the customary hitchhiking place. Most drivers in Poland know such hot spots and stop there even if they don't see you waving. Halibutt 09:11, 7 May 2006 (UTC)