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Dead link

During several automated bot runs the following external link was found to be unavailable. Please check if the link is in fact down and fix or remove it in that case!

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--Lanigiro 03:04, 20 November 2010 (CET)

A 92 to Passau

Last week I tried to get from Munich to Vienna. I chose to not go via Salzburg, but to take the A92. As there is no advice in hutchwiki yet I just went for a route that seemed plausible. I am not a local in Munich, so there might be better ways, as in general it seems quite hard to get to Passau. So this is my suggestion:

Start by taking the S-Bahn (don't remember the Number) to the airport (Station: Flughafen München). From there, head up to the terminal street (there is two, I chose the one which is located more to the East). Walk up north a bit (ca 200m), there will be a shoulder with blue stripes painted on it. Sometimes it's fully blocked by trucks, but they are supposed to only stay for a short period of time, so eventually there will be enough space for cars to stop. Have a sign with 'Passau' on you, because the traffic is rather fast and will split at the end of the street, whilst most of them will go west towards Munich, you need to go East. For me it happened two times, that cara stopped further back and not on the shoulder. Another 100 m down the street there is an entrance to a parking lot, they stopped there.

Once you get a ride, try to find someone to drop you off at 'Moosburger Ost' parking spot on the Autobahn, if they are not going for a long distance. This is the only parking spot on the whole way on the A92 to Deggendorf if I rememver correctly. Else you would have to hitch on ramp all the time, which will be hard, as there is lots of local traffic. In my case the parking spot was blocked at that time, so it took me ages and many rides to reach my destination.

Eventually I got lucky and found someone going directly to Passau, so I cannot tell anything about places between Dingolfing and Passau.

If there is anyone who has experienced going this way or a local eho can check some places and S-Bahn lines, feel free to help :)