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Already last year the idea was around to have two main gathering, connected by a kind of rally. Leipzig and fontpedrouse are about 1600km apart, with most of it being highways. Its a perfect route to do a lot of mileage in little time, two days maybe. We could for example start the hitchgathering in leipzig on the first of august, then from the forth to the seventh (so not everyone has to leave at the same time) continue it on the gasstation in between leipzig and fontpedrouse and then open end at the hot pools. The rules of the rally would be this: everyone hitches in a team of two. whenever you meet another team, if possible you have to stop and exchange one team member.

This is way too far. If we have it in Leipzig first, it'd make more sense to have the countryside retreat in the Tatras. If we want to go to the Pyrénnées, then maybe the urban gathering should be in Toulouse. Sitarane (talk)