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Has somebody experiences in finding accommodation in monasteries? Is it free, or is it hotel like? Do they have to help travellers? Does it depend on the country or on the monastic order? Will you go together with the monks to pray at the worship?: --Quarim 07:51, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Putting up your tent in a discrete place at or after dawn?

What do you mean? :) --MrTweek 08:50, 30 August 2007 (CEST)
Oh, I think I know - we put our tents at midnight at Champs de Mars, just by Eiffel Tower and we slept calmly until about 6 am (so we put them down at dawn). What more discrete place one can find? :P
On my recent trip, our "wild" camping spots were; a fruit and vegetable garden at the edge of a small city (with permission of the owner, a HC member) (4 tents), a field at the edge of a small village (4 tents), the backyard of an old farm which was not in use at that time (spider webs on the door) (3 tents), a field in front of a mountain hostel (price 50 czech crowns) (3 tents), a "pub" in the mountains for skiers door not locked we put tables together and slept on it lying closely together for warming (4 people), an open place beside a track in a forest (3 tents), the edge of a field (3 tents) and the top of a nice mountain called all saints mountain next to a watch tower for tourists (only me). Some nights we paid for a stay overnight, from 12 to 20 zlotych (3.60 to 6.10 euro) per night (warm shower for those who really need a shower :( :(, once they asked 30 zlotych, but I said quite loud that's too much, walked out of the place and then they lowered the price to 12 zlotych (3.60 euro), we slept on comfy matrasses in the attic and I saved our group of six more than 100 zlotych (30 euro) by doing this... --Fverhart 17:48, 10 October 2008 (CEST)