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When I need or want to give advice on hitchhiking from the UK to mainland Europe or vice versa I usually refer to this page on Digihitch: Hitchhiking Into and Out Of The UK

It tells you that it is better to hitchhike to Europe or to the UK on motorway services: Maidstone in UK and Jabekke in Belgium.

However, these pages on the growing Hitchwiki resource mention Calais and Dover again as options to hitchhike: United Kingdom, Dover, Calais.

That's quite confusing to me. So, what is better? To hitch from the services or on the harbours. My guess the first. Would the Hitchwiki need to be edited on this?

It needs correction indeed, hitching the harbour isn't easy as it is prohibited to actually be in the harbour property. Most of the traffic all do the electronic check-in and therefore barely no traffic stops anymore at the Travel Centre for booking, the trucker flow is quite dense and there isn't really sideway for them to stop over.
The Tunnel is still the best option, from Maidstone Services, or potentially the truck stop in Ashford area. Maplefanta 00:56, 3 July 2007 (CEST)

After my last few experiences, I have to say that nearly everything written in this section is wrong, the channel tunnel entrance has revealed a great option; maidstone services is still the place to be in Kent when picking a ride into the south-east; dover harbour is impossible to catch a ride and nobody does stop at the customer services anymore as everything is now electronic way into the harbour; car going into the ferry can only take passengers for free their tickets were bought during a promotion, otherwise ferry crossing are car + passengers (truckers excluded) while the tunnel is always paid per vehicule only. Anybody up to support refreshing this whole section again? Maplefanta 15:23, 30 October 2007 (CET)

Well, if you say it's wrong, then we should surely change it. I only went over the channel in the other direction, and my experiences there were: Standing at the tunnel entrance is senseless, and the staff sent us away after a while, saying this is illegal. So, the port is the best option. Many people buy their tickets online and the number of persons is on it, so they can't take you. However, if they buy their tickets on the spot, they can take you for free, but the number of passengers still has to be on the ticket, so you have to ask before they buy it. We waited in front of the ticket office, which worked very great. Does that fit into your experience? I did it in July 2007. --MrTweeksite, wikitalk 15:38, 30 October 2007 (CET)