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Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan
Language: Tajik
Capital: Dushanbe
Population: 7,349,145
Currency: Somoni (TJS)
Hitchability: from
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Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. Hitchhiking is quite possible there, and Anton Krotov has called it "the most hospitable country in Central Asia". That opinion is generally shared by travelers. People come out of their houses to try to drag you into their house to feed you. But as Tajikistan is the poorest country in Central Asia, you may be literally eating their dinner, and they will not accept food or money. If you do eat their food, you should try to at least bring some biscuits/sweets for the kids, as these are never refused.

As in other countries in the area, it's advisable to walk as traffic is scarce and waiting times can be very long. The truck drivers will happily drive you, but a lot of them will kick you out before one of the many police checkpoints. If they don't, the police make them pay a bribe for carrying a foreigner.

Pamir Highway

On the Pamir Highway seems to be almost no traffic, but for that reason nearly everybody stops. Most of the vehicles are taxis, and there are very few trucks. A small payment can be expected, make it clear before you enter. Russian language is common. You need special permits for all regions along the Pamir highway, which must be cleared before you enter. Call your responsible embassy for that reason. Be aware of the landmines down in the Panj River.



There are landmines on both sides of the main connection road from Dushanbe to Khorug between Rogun and Kalaikum. There are further landmines in the border regions to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and to Afghanistan. Watch for red painted boulders on the ground. Almost all mine fields already surrounded by them(2010).

Border Crossing

  • Bor Doba-Markansu on the border with Kyrgyzstan, at the beginning of the Pamir Highway is well developed with opportunities for eating.
  • Foreigns can cross between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan only at Batken-Isfara and Sary-Tash-Murgab.
  • The border crossing at Karamyk is only for local people.
  • There is still no border crossing between Tajikistan and China open to foreigners. One must go through Kyrgyzstan.


Feel free to ask road police to get lifts for you. Very efficient way of travels in this country.

Credit cards

Both VISA and Mastercard are available in cashpoints of Dushanbe and major regional towns.