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Székesfehérvár (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈseːkɛʃfɛˈheːrvaːr]) is a town in Hungary, located between Budapest and Lake Balaton.

<map lat="47.187076962009" lng="18.439787864297" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Hungary
Population: 101 973
Major roads: E66/N8, E71/M7
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West to Veszprém (E66/N8)

Walk to the north side of town, following Palotai ut or Szent Florian Körüt. At the end of the town, there is a roundabout where the only main road towards the north shore of Balaton starts. Use a sign, saying Veszprem. Once you're in the rural areas you can hitch with a thumb everywhere, people there are very likely to pick you up.

Northeast to Budapest Zagreb Balaton (E71/M7)

You have two good choices, check on the map:

  1. This is better if you go to Balaton, or Zagreb. Take the bus 13, or 13A from the Bus Station the final bus top is Alba Economic zone (Alba ipari zóna). You will see the motorway, and the Shell (petrol station sign). The petrol station is your place.
  2. Take the bus 12, or 12A from the Bus station the final bus top is Auchan. You will see some traffic board. You can find Your way easily.

I don't recommend the old road "7es ut, Route 7" with its mostly local traffic via the urbanized Velencei to/lake.


Public transport

The Bus ticket Price (on the bus,on the bus station 250Ft) 270Ft (1 euro). If you have time and energy, you can walk...(one hour...maybe one and half) The blackriding is possible, but a little bit complicated. There is just one ticket puncher on the to the bus driver on the first door. If you can get on not the first door, you are lucky, if there are some people who get off, the driver open the other doors, but if not, you have no choise. The most bus driver ask for your ticket. If you are on the bus, and the controllers are coming...If you speak to the controller in a foreign language (showing that you're a tourist, not an illegal immigrant) they'll just leave you alone.Then they ask your id card, you say you don't have it with you and then they'll just give you a paper to note your name and address, where you can write any fake name. Or even simpler you can give your real passport and they are supposed to send you the bill to your country. It's 100% SURE that they will not. If the situation is too complicated, the best if you get off the next stop, and wait the next bus, or walk.


In the bus station, ther is an internet caffe bar, but it is not free...and not too cheap. Next to the bus stop there is a cafe (Museum cafe), where you can drink somethink and use the internet for free. There are lot of place in the city where you can use free wifi.(main square, bus station, cofes...)