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Stickers and handwritten notes on walls, street signs, traffic lights are a common and easy way of communication along the road and on hitchhiking spots. They can include useful information about the spot, hitchhiking events (races, gatherings), tell short stories of misery ("stuck at this shithole for 4 hours") or people logging their trip ("Sam and Alex, from Poland to Turkey, 13.5.2017").

Order Stickers

Tobias (talk) ordered a batch of the stickers that were most favored on the signal group.

To order write an email to [email protected] or ask in the signal/matrix group.

Price is 5€/100, 2,50€/50, 1€/20

Delivery is 1,60€ (Germany)/ 3,70€ (worldwide).

You can pick them up as well at the NYE Gathering in Switzerland or near the A7, central Germany.

If people want to donate some money we can as well sent out/distribute some free stickers.

Examples and Templates

Collect and see all sticker files on GitHub.

sticker for the 2021 Hitchgathering
Proposal for a generic hitchwiki/hitchgathering/trustroots sticker.
Sticker in a A7 format with general Info on hitchgathering, hitchwiki and trustroots. Printed in 12/23.
Hitchwiki stickers from around 2014