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St. John's is a village in central Isle of Man. It's worth making a visit to see the open-air Tynwald, a green grassy hill which has been the seat of Manx government continuously since 979. Tynwald Day - the Manx National Day - is the 5th of July. Stand around to watch some of the official proceedings, then head off to the festival in the field behind the hill.

Hitchhiking out

364 days of the year it's a small, quiet village. If it's daylight, it's very easy to hitchhike.

North towards Kirk Michael, Ramsey

From the Ballacraine junction in the east of the village (the crossroads with the pink 'Pine Wood Studio' building), walk north up the A3 and pick a quiet, safe spot anywhere along the road. There is also a laybye half a mile northwards. If the first car doesn't pick you up, then the second or third one will.

South towards Castletown

From the Ballacraine junction, pick a safe spot anywhere south along the A3, at the bottom of the dip (100 meters) is good. Don't walk too far up the road, as there is no official speed limit and the cars will accelerate fast on the straight.

East/West on the A1 towards Douglas/Peel

The A1 is 'busy', but just find a spot next to a safe stopping place and wait 5-10 minutes. Hitch from the village centre or outside the Tynwald Inn, where the traffic is slower.

Public transport

Bus stops at the west end of the village opposite the Tynwald Inn, connections to Peel, Douglas, Dalby and the Airport and Port Erin.


Bring your tent and find a field somewhere, the mountain scenery is beautiful.