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Spokane is a city in Washington (State).

Hitching out

West towards Seattle

A page on digihitch recommends the 276 Exit near the airport. I waited here five hours with only an offer to the next town over. The nearby truckstop is unfriendly to hitchhikers, and even has a "No Hitchhiking" sign in the window (the first I can ever recall seeing in a business). There is another exit with truck stops a little further down the road (Exit 272) which may be better.

I did not try downtown, but be advised that there is little room to pull over on downtown onramps, and locals warned me that police harassment is common.

Matt&camy gave up after about six hours on S Madison St and Freeway Ave. Strange atmosphere, might be panhandlers nearby.

Places to avoid

Avoid the whole city, unless you have a very good reason to be there.

Accommodation and Sleep

Camp away from the downtown, as there is a meth problem here and aggressive police as well.

Other Information

I have never seen so many railcops in one city.