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  • ...rón 28 de Julio + Av. Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga) and then near Central Market (Av. Antonio Raymondi) * Or take colectivo #18 goes near Central market to/through Vichay, the last stop near intersection Av. Independencia and Ro
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  • down before a roundabout. Also it is possible to ask cars parked in the market car park for rides to nearby cities such as Uelzen.
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  • The A140 runs from the A14 near Needham Market to the A149 south of Cromer, Norfolk. Between the A14 and Diss, Norfolk, it Heading North from the Wickham Market roundabout, there is a layby on the sliproad. Very well placed to hitch. Af
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  • ** DPS,АЗС, market and cafe at spot. ** At the village, there's a roadside market & [[TIR]] parking as well as several gas stations.
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  • ...(misleadingly, in the village of Campsea Ashe, about 2 miles from Wickham Market) as well as Framlingham and [[Stowmarket]]. It takes him no more than 20 mi The nearest train station to Framlingham is Wickham Market station (7 miles away) on the line between [[Ipswich]] and [[Lowestoft]] .
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  • ...ridge, Wat Phnom, Central Market, (north of) Orussey Market, and Daeum Kou Market following St.217, and goes along the NH4 (get off at the last stop to get a ...3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d11.55285!4d104.9037 Caltex Petrol Station of Daeum Kou Market] [11.55285N, 104.9037E] or at the [
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  • ...h past the stadium (the same street, basically, as the bus station and the market), heading towards Jocotenango. After about 500m, you'll get to a nice speed
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  • At the market square in the city centre a small tourist office is located, where free map Two blocks north-east from the market square you can find Vaasa´s main library, which has plenty of computers th
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  • ...tro Caminos, Guatemala|Cuatro Caminos]] (3Q in July 2013, leaving from the market) and start hitching from there. Ron tried to hitch from within Xela and did
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  • ...ection, but the security guards are assholes. If you play music, there's a market in which you can busk to make some money.
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  • There is a market in the eastern part of town. Try to get a lift towards the Pamirs. Usually
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  • Cars mainly take another way to Kiev. Maybe go from the Berezyns'kyi market in the direction of Reshetylivka and there hitch onto the motorway that lea
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  • ...control point located 10 km away from town. Take a minibus there from the market and hitch from the border. Traffic is low.
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  • ...other way to go under the busy road and come up at the back of the flower market. At the low end there is an opening you can walk through and another onto t
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  • if you are trying to hike anywhere is to catch a bus from the central market place, and head as far away from the town as possible. Once outside of town Go to the central market place. Find the Linden bus park. The bus to Linden shouldn't cost more than
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  • ...for northern, western, and southwestern destinations is ''Altyn Orda'', a market at the western outskirts of the city. This can be reached by any bus that r Almaty 2 train station. Get of the bus when it turns left after the big market. From there you can start hitchhiking or you can walk 1km more to the next
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  • You can find them on one is up the hill behind the simply market and the other one is in the mangrove in the direction of Saint-Anne. In Le Marin, go to Simply Market (dumpster diving friendly staff) or Leader Price (less friendly, be stealth
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  • ...traffic interchange]]. There is a fourth entrance, a bit further north off Market St. If you can get there, that might be a better way to go. There's only one shelter in Redding (the Good News Rescue Mission at 2842 S. Market Street), but if you have a tent, the Lutheran Church on Hilltop Rd has a lo
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  • ...ty in [[England]]. The town is known for its Crooked Spire and traditional market.
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  • Get to Warorot Market (East of the Old Town) and find the yellow Songathew headed to Doi Saket. Get to Warorot Market (East of the Old Town) and get on the yellow Songathew headed to Saraphi. T
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