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  • The '''Chotěbuz-Cieszyn-Boguszowice border crossing''' links the [[Czech Republic]] (at the village of Chotěbuz) with Walking across this border is allowed, and there are no longer any controls because both countries are
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  • The '''Świecko border crossing''' connects Germany (near [[Frankfurt an der Oder]] on the [[E30]] Directly at the border there is a suitable place where cars drive relatively slowly and where it's
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  • The '''Sighetu Marmației-Solotvyno border crossing''' joins northwest [[Romania]] at the town of [[Sighetu Marmației ...other being [[Siret-Porubnoe border crossing]]. The Tisza River forms the border between the two countries here, and the two countries' passport controls ar
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  • {{Border Crossing one Of The '''Budzisko-Kalvarija border checkpoint''' is a border crossing that connects [[Lithuania]] and [[Poland]]. It lies on the E7 "Via
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  • ...) with [[Serbia]] (near [[Niš]]). It lies on the E80. Walking across this border is allowed. There is a café/restaurant on the Kosovo side of the border, which refuses to accept Serbian Dinars! There is wifi in the café with th
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  • The '''Nădlac-Nagylak border crossing''' connects [[Hungary]] (near [[Szeged]]) with [[Romania]] (near A ...traffic. For hitchhiking there is a parking lot for trucks just after the border. 400 m further on there is a gas station.
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  • ...[[Helsinki]] and [[St. Petersburg|Saint Petersburg]]. Walking across this border is not permitted. ...on the parking, and those queuing to the terminal. A ride just across the border is enough, as from next to the supermarket on the Russian side, you can eas
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  • #REDIRECT [[Budzisko-Kalvarija border crossing]]
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  • ...rally people are much more likely to pick you up ''after'' you crossed the border yourself. ...ple walking across the border. It's mostly better to get a ride across the border and get out there if humanly possible (if there are e.g. money exchange off
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  • #redirect [[Border crossing]]
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  • #redirect [[Border crossing]]
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  • {{Border Crossing ...] and tourists going to [[Turkey]] by car. This is an absolutely legendary border crossing and the main gate to Turkey. It's also the second largest crossing
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  • {{Border Crossing The '''Dyakove-Halmeu border crossing''' connects the northwest of [[Romania]] at the village of Halmeu
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  •''' connects [[Bulgaria]] ([[Ruse]]) and [[Romania]] ([[Giurgiu]]). The border is the Danube River, which is traversed by the Friendship Bridge. Walking a ...ellers entering Romania (e.g. going to Bucharest) exists immediately after border control on the Romanian side
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  • {{Border Crossing ...oder on the [[Albania]] side. One can walk across this border on foot. The border crossing is fairly primitive and offers no amenities such as an ATM, toilet
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  • {{Border Crossing The border can be reached from the Albanian city of [[Elbasan]] in a shared taxi for 6
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  • {{Border Crossing ...'' connects [[North Macedonia]] and [[Bulgaria]]. One can walk across this border.
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  • {{Border Crossing ...iuleşti]]. A route from Moldova into [[Ukraine]], the [[Giugiuleşti-Reni border crossing]], is only two kilometers down along the same road.
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  • {{Border Crossing The '''Siret-Porubnoe border crossing''' joins [[Romania]] at the town of Siret (near [[Suceava]]) and [
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  • #REDIRECT [[Galaţi-Giugiuleşti border crossing]]
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  • == Border crossings == * [[Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf border crossing]] with [[Hungary]]
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  • to use the federal road via Vaals, the first town after the Netherlands border, instead of the autobahn. To get there, go to the B1 ''Vaalserstrasse'' or ...mbourg]], go to the service station ''Lichtenbusch'' on the German-Belgium border at the A44. There's not too much traffic, and most of it seems to go via [[
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  • ...dernnomad|themodernnomad]] was offered a ride all the way to Arica (on the border of Peru), but, sadly, had to turn it down due to the fact that he was tryin == Border Crossings ==
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  • For those hitching to Chile, remember that taking food through the border is prohibited.
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  • ...nd. It's best to get a ''long'' ride, since on the Argentinian side of the border hitchhiking will be much more difficult. Beware of the cold, if you're sitt
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  • ...y from the south. Furthermore you could experiencing problems in any cross-border hitching, especially while travelling north (e.g. from Denmark to Sweden). ...e to Padborg which is in the South Jutland - it is located just before the border with [[Germany]]. There you'll find Denmark's largest truck-stop. Most truc
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  • way. Ask to be dropped off at the last exit (Exit 2, Lindau) before the border to Austria, there is a roundabout close to a petrol station and McD that wo
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  • ...main motorway from France to Barcelona, some cars are being stopped at the border for identity and luggage check. When going to Spain (Catalunya), there are If you want to go further into France but only find a car going close to the border be careful about where you get dropped. See below experience at La Jonquera
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  • === Border crossings === ** [[Terehova-Zasitino border crossing|Terehova-Zasitino]], for direction [[Moscow]]
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  • ...can easily find long rides at the petrol station in Luxembourg before the border. ...c site. The best is to reach 'Ter Cameren Bos' (Bois de la Cambre) at the border between Ixelles and Ukkel [,4.36
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  • ...he border town with Brasil). There were not many cars in the area near the border, but every 3-4th car takes you. I went form Kouru to St. George for 4,5 hou
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  • ...coast in their historical 'Acadie' region, which goes from the [[Quebec]] border until the Confederation Bridge and further south. The English speaking popu ...rticularly its market, and is a decent stop-off point on the way to the US border and other points such as St. Andrews and St. Stephen. Fredericton is by far
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  • ...houldn't be a problem, but avoid revealing yourself as a hitchhiker at the border, since it might still be considered as part of the highway and thus illegal a nice truck driver who was trying to help her get her next ride at the border, but the policeman did not allow her to continue hitchhiking (even not to s
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  • ...e of Neiva, as far as Ushushia in Patagonia which I took as far as Ecuador border. Also had three drivers on cocaine which were great, fast rides, very enter
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  • ...many Chileans in town for shopping, so one might find a direct ride to the border from the city centre. Tacna is also the only place in Perú with a big mosq == Border Crossings ==
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  • ...y part of the [[Schengen Agreement|Schengen Area]], and long existed cross-border passport checks doesnt exist really anymore. == Hitching at the border ==
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  • ...r you at all, especially when they know you are a foreigner (except at the border - that is another matter). You should also avoid drunk people and people wh ...hem something legit looking. You'll also probably need this at the Russian border.
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  • * [[File:Flag of Austria.svg|30px|border]] [[Austria]] * [[File:Flag of Belgium (civil).svg|30px|border]] [[Belgium]]
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  • find all the truckdrivers to China or south into Pakistan. Close to the border is a national park where you have to pay a fee of 800 PKR to pass through. ...side, many armed chinese. After an hour in the bus waiting in front of the border-center one chinese army man came out and asked us in, one by one. They went
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  • ...s local dialect while English is in minority and more widely spoken by the border areas. English is known at a certain level by the population, most often by ...t a fine (about 120$ Can) if you are caught as a pedestrian on the highway border. Fortunately, most of the local policemen or provincial policemen are open-
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