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Towards all directions
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== Towards all directions ===
There is a service station near Cantagallo. Take the bus #20B to its last station "San Biagio". There you walk 200 metres until you reach the fences of the service station. Another option to get there is to take the bus #20 to ''Casalecchio'' (departs at ''Via dell Indipendenza''). There change the bus or take the bus #89 and go to its last station called ''San Biagio''. There you walk 200 metres until you reach the fences of the service station. [If you get off two stations before the last station (at the station called San Biagio Micca; just after the bridge over the highway), than you have less to walk.]
Normally you can't enter the service station. There are fences you can't cross. But there is a little parking lot of the service station staff. You can ring there and maybe they will open you. If not, at the service station on the other side of the motorway there is a little hole in the fence, where you can enter.
 == Some clarifications:= Heading North (Genova, Milano, Parma etc.) === 
If you're heading north (Genova, Milano, Parma etc.), get off the bus at Casalecchio C.S. Allende. Cross the road, follow the path off the main road, then turn right - there's a parking lot and the entrance to the service station. It was closed when we came, but the staff was friendly and opened the door for us on condition that we wouldn't tell anyone that they did it.
If you're heading south (Florence, Rome etc.), get off at San Biagio and go to the right along the motorway. There's some sort of park there, and in the end there's a place where you cross the railway and reach the fence of the service station. Go further to the right along the service station, and around the corner there're stairs going up to the service station with no fences. ==
== EDIT/UPDATE: If you walk around the side of the fence you will find a small gate. It was open when we went, but anyway it is very low and easy to climb over. This takes you straight into the service area! ==
Crossing the motorway outside the service station is a bit difficult. You can try it under the motorway through the building site, but it is muddy. It is easier to get off the bus #89 one stop before, before it crosses the motorway. The name of the stop is: Casalecchio C.s. Allende.
Once you are inside the service station, you can cross the motorway easily. Enter the building and go up on the stairs to the restaurant. Now go down on the other side of the motorway. Attention: You are not able to cross the motorway in the morning, because the restaurant is closed. But if you have luck, the barmen will help you.
Personal experience from [[User:Movethathoof|MovethatHoof]]:
:''Tried to hitch a ride to Milan from here (having caught a ride from Florence) and had an awful time of it: four hours of asking just about every car that stopped, with offers of rides to just about every destination to the north and east, from Trento to Rimini, and not a single person who admitted they were headed anywhere on the road to Milan. The attendants were sympathetic but did not allow me to ask drivers filling up. Taking this experience into account with the anonymous experience described below of the exact opposite results (of finding no driver headed up the A13) and it might be fair to say that this spot for being so general can be hit and miss when headed west, north, and east.''
=== North towards [[Ferrara]], [[Padova]] and [[Venice]] on A13 ===
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