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East towards Dover and Kent
Walk from the top end of London road (Preston Circus). Walk up the road with Barclays on one side and the pub "Preston Circus" on the other. Just keep walking up that road for 15-20 minutes. Or just ask someone for "Preston Road" that is the road you want to be walking along. You will be walking past a park on one side and Travel Lodge and other various buildings on the other side. Hitch from the rock garden opposite the park just by traffic lights, there is a side turning for cars to turn into. Its just before the Shell petrol station. Write "M25 West" on your sign. Its pretty easy all the way to Clacket Lane - just make sure they are going that far. If going to Calais its often quicker to get a lorry and you get free coffee and tea in the Lorry Lounge on the ferry. Its paid per vehicle not per person on the Calais ferry, Lorry drivers will mostly likely know but cars normally don't
You can get dropped off in one of the laybys on the A23, before it turns into the M23 and from there you must '''only''' accept a lift that's going at least as far as Clacket Lane Services. Clacket Lane is an excellent place to hitch from, as is Maidstone Services further on. These are the only two service stations between Brighton and Dover (apart from [[Pease Pottage]], but that's no good going in that direction, only to be used hitching ''to'' Brighton)(Disputed). Do not get out anywhere other than these service stations and you will move quickly. In the service stations just walk up to people and ask "Are you by any chance driving in the direction of Dover?" or something similar. Super-quick hitching guaranteed.
=== West towards [[M4 (Sipson (for grow heathrow), Bristol, South Wales)]] ===
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