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East toward Oshawa, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal
=== East toward [[Oshawa]], [[Kingston (Ontario)|Kingston]], [[Ottawa]] and [[Montreal]] ===
Some say that hitching out of Toronto is difficult. But as not so many points seem to have been tried yet, maybe you can give it a try and discover some new ones.
Easiest way: Go Bloor-Danforth subway all the way East to Kennedy, transfer to Scarborough RT, go all the way to McCowan, exit, walk North to Corporate Drive 401 ramp. In fact, on Google street view you can see a hitch hiker there getting picked up :)Hitchhiker François Gobert went there end of January 2016 and spent 2 hours on the ramp before being picked... I almost froze! The best solution is to take the train untill Oshawa and start from there! Scarborough is a pain to get out from! People didn't give a shit at all!
To go East, you need to reach Highway 401, North of the city centre. You can reach it via Don Valley Parkway (404), slightly East of the centre. There are several on-ramps to it such as Dundas St and Queen St, a walkable distance from the centre. Please note that you cross a deprived area on your way there (around Moss park), but it's generally safe. Alternatively (and significantly faster and safer), you could take the GO train from Union Station to Oshawa GO and then transfer to the 90 - Newcastle Bus. Go to the very end of the bus route and walk 15 minutes east to the outskirts of the city. There are plenty of houses that have driveways that cars can pull over in and pick you up.
Others advise to avoid hitching within city limits, as it is an approach sometimes used by prostitutes to acquire customers. If you prefer, you may take transit to one of the smaller centres outside of the city. GO transit ( has regular trains leaving Union station downtown Toronto for Oshawa (60km). Get off at the Oshawa train station, there are on-ramps onto the 401 nearby (20 mins unpleasant walk). Oshawa also has it's own public transit system that can get you further east. Have a sign for points east, as there is a lot of local traffic in the Oshawa area. Alternatively, from Oshawa, you can get aboard a GO bus for Peterborough (80km), or a ride VIA rail into Cobourg (117km). Both of these cities are well out of the GTA and are easier to walk to good hitching points. Onramps onto the 401 in Cobourg are good spots, and if you find yourself in Peterborough, the junction of HWY 115 and Lansdowne st, where HWY 7 begins, is a good place to begin travels towards Ottawa. Highway 7 between Peterborough and Ottawa is notorious for being a bit tough to hitch on, though I personally have never had difficulties on it.
Also, there is a large service station off the 401 near Bowmanville, which may be a good spot to get a lift east.
-[[User:Jackfang|Jackfang]] The Bowmanville gas station people kicked me out saying that I am not allowed to hitchhike. I was just asking rides without a cardboard. I got a ride at the entrance of the highway 100 meters from the gas station.
NOTE: [[Kingston, Ontario|Kingston]] is well known for being a jailing centre, there are more than 10 prisons in the area. It is a very, very difficult place to get picked up from. If Kingston is not your destination, consider taking a ride that gets you well beyond it. Though, if you're curious, Kingston is one of Ontario's most charming cities, despite all the jails! <= Although this may be true, I still think if you stay close to the highway gas stations, many of the drivers that are simply driving across Ontario know absolutely nothing about Kingston. I get rides easily with Quebec drivers out of Kingston (almost always Quebec drivers) -[[User:Jackfang|Jackfang]]
*''There is a large service station off the 401 near Bowmanville  I took the TTC and STC as far as it went and hitched on a not so big cross-road where cars were joining into the 401 going east. It was easy! After three small rides of hitching on random on-ramps I ended up on a beautiful big ONroute gas-station just before Port Hope. There I easily got a truck ride to Montreal. Often I don't use signs, but - USE SIGNS hitching out of Toronto. There are a lot of beggars with cardboard signs, so it's good if your sign says were you're going. The drivers told me they stopped because of that. I just used a sign saying 'east', which worked better than the one saying 'Montreal'. Anyhow, it is possible to hitch out of Toronto. Happy hitching! (January 2014.) Uyku.tulumu ''''  
*" I ,Edward1012, hitchhiked from Toronto to Montreal twice with great success. Both times I took the Go Train to Oshawa and walked 15 minutes to the on ramp heading east. The first ride took 10-15 mins both times, and took me to the Port hope On-Route. Once there, just have a sign saying '401 East' and go OnRoute hopping. Google Onroute to search where the Onroutes are located. I got to Montreal in 7 hours both times, including the train ride. More or less the same time as the bus, but with interesting people and free :) ""
=== SouthWest toward [[Hamilton]], [[Niagara]] and [[Buffalo]] ===
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