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Phoenix (Arizona)

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* '''Love's Travel Stop in Chandler'''
From Phoenix take any bus or light rail going to Tempe Transportation Center. You'll be better off taking a bus as you can pay for one ride which is $2 and ask for a transfer slip and take another bus from Tempe without additional cost. There are no free transfers from light rail. Once in Tempe take [ bus 66 to Lone Butte Casino] which is the last stop. Walk towards Chevron gas station and turn right/west into Allison Road. Continue for a mile until you get to traffic lights and turn left/south. You will see large McDonald's sign. Once there at Exit 162, Love's Travel Stop is a new truck stop nearby and the highway on-ramp is large enough for a truck to stop. [[User:Salman|This hitchhiker]] has received several rides from here, from cars heading to the area of Casa Grande. Just past Casa Grande is the I-8/ I-10 junction, with several large truck stops. You should not accept any ride going a shorter distance than this. If you hold out, you may make it all the way to Tucson in one ride.
If you prefer to hitchhike from the highway, take the lightrail to the Country Club/Main station. Then take the 112 bus all the way south, to the Chandler Park and Ride. From there, you can walk along hwy 87/Country Club Rd for aprox 5 miles, until it splits off and goes through the Akimel O'odaam reservation. This is a great route to follow to Tucson if you'd prefer to avoid the interstate. Just try not to end up in Florence- there's a prison there, so it's harder to hitchhike.
=== North towards [[Sedona]] and [[Flagstaff]] (I-17) ===