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== From the airport to the city ==
Hitching into town is quite complicated but [[User:Bernhard|Bernhard]] suggests taking the bus for this stretch since it is very cheap (0.03 USD, no joke.).
When you arrive at the airport, taxis will instantly approach you. Don't believe their lies.
Then walk out of the airport and turn left! (Following the taxis basically) walk for a 300 metres until an intersection. Turn right. Walk for another 200 metre until a very big intersection. Turn right. From there walk another 300 metres until you cross over some tracks from the railway. Right there, on the other side of the street there is a little bus shelter. From there you can catch P12 and P16 into town.
The fare is 40 centavos. [[User:Bernhard|Bernhard]] had only this 10 peso bill so the driver gave him a 5er back, keeping the change. Sometimes bus drivers will refuse tourists to help their taxi driver friends so be happy to get to town for cheap. If they refuse you, wait for the next bus. They are quite frequent like every 5 to 10 minutes.
The bus is very crowded. For the first kilometre you might be hanging outside the bus until the next stop where people get off.