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[UPD 2018-01-02] Spot perfect, got ride all the way to Ikebukuro, Tokyo (lucky) first car. Have a sign with you! thanks OP
[UPD 2018-08-21] Still as great a spot as ever. At the mound, just make sure you take the small, steep stairs on the right instead of the stairs that lead to the walkway!
''Alternative'': From the main station ask your way to Jonan-Gu-Shrine. It's basically a little west from the main station and then about 2 miles south down one and the same road. Once you get to cross a small canal you can see the ramp on to Meishin Expy, which goes west-east, so from Osaka to Tokyo and on. Best position yourself in front of the McD's just before the bridge to go east to Nagoya/Tokyo. Oh, and of course, learn the Kanji writing of the place you want to go to and make a sign.