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Frankfurt am Main

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<s>'''2nd option ([[Rest area]] Theißtal - west of Frankfurt)''': An alternative, if you want to leave Frankfurt for [[Köln]] and further north or west, is the rest area Theißtal along the [[A3 (Germany)|Autobahn A3]]. Take the S-Bahn (S2) towards Niedernhausen (final stop, about 30 minutes). You'll hear the Autobahn once you are there. Walk 1.5 km (20 min) northwestwards. There is a tiny footpath through the woods leading all the way to the motorway rest area, and if you try to stick close to the Autobahn, you shouldn't miss it. You'll walk past a shooting range, and when you reach a 100m diameter clearing in the woods, you're there. Most cars here go at least to Köln/Bonn if they don't go to [[Koblenz]], since there isn't much else on the way.</s>
As of May 2017 there is a fence between the woods and the rest area
Option 3 Medenbach service station (Probably best option to go towards Cologne)
This option has a fair bit of potential walking but leaves you at a well visited service station on the A3 to the West of Frankfurt and really only ends up being one or 2 kilometers more of a walk compared to the first option. Take the S-Bahn S2 towards Niedernhausen and get off at Eppstein-Bremthal. You can save a kilometer of uphill walking by taking bus 20 (just outside the station and easy to board without a ticket because you can enter in the back doors) for 3 (possibly 4) stops to bus stop Waldallee. (The stop is immediately after the bus turns right after reach the top of the hill. You then have a 5 kilometer walk to the service station but could also hitch a ride most of the way. Going the opposite direction of the bus, walk along the L3017 passing through the town of Wildsachsen. About a kilometer past the town, turn right onto L3018. (It veers slightly away from the previous road heading up a hill. Walk 500 meters and turn left onto the path. (Or if you want to go south keep going until you pass under the autobahn.) Walk about 700 meters on the path and you will be able to turn right on a road that leads to the service station. You can then turn left and follow it until you come out near the gas station or just after the green fence you can turn right and take the elevator down to the ground level and emerge in the parking area near the restaurant. (You'll have to press the door open button to get the doors to open). From here you could easily get a ride even as far as Belgium or the Netherlands.
=== From the airport ===
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