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Donostia-San Sebastián

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1) Try the petrol station closest to the city centre at Av de Navarra/Calle de Zemoriya. Hitchhikers have found French cars here.
2) Take local transport (bus or train) to Irun and walk towards the border. After crossing the bridge into [[France ]] take the highway right along the river, to the péage. It's easy to go to [[Bordeaux]]. Stand just after the péage because drivers will be less concerned and quicker to pick you up after crossing the border.
3) I think the best place to hitch hike out north is at the roundabout by the end of De Zorroaga Ibilbidea street entering GI-20. There is no perfect place for the cars to stop, but they can manage if they want to. I would say the best is to stand at the crossing with a sign Irun, because after it the ones entering the GI-20 keep to the left. I got a ride there in 20 mins. [[User:Nykstukas9|Nykstukas9]]
4) Hernani petrol station on the AP-1. It will take a bit to get there but you are on the AP-1 right away with much traffic going into France.
* Take buses A1 or A2 to their final stop in Hernani (Txirrita kalea) and walk down streets Elkano Kalea and Antziola Auzoa to the north. After a small roundabout you will leave Hernani. The road makes a small bend to the left. After about 100m you will have a small road to the right going up hill. You will cross a small farm and from there you can see the petrol station. On the left side there is a small path leading to an open entrance in the fence.
* Take buses G1, G2, G3, G4 or T6 to Rotonda de Galaretta (there is a Lidl for some shopping). From the roundabout walk 40m north towards 'ospitaleak' and turn right. After about 150m there is a small road on the left going slightly uphill. After 500m you will see the petrol station.
=== South towards [[Vitoria]], [[Burgos]], [[Madrid]] ===

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