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== Using police cars ==
In Georgia it is possible to "hitchhike" with [[police]] cars. Due to the country's desire to become more European, a major reform of the police was undertaken, affecting also the way the police work and deal with people. You should not be afraid of asking policeman for information or help. Most probably they will help you and even more. You may not even need to ask, as it's not uncommon for police cars in Georgia to pick up hitchhikers, and then pull over other cars or trucks on the road to find a ride going straight to your destination. The police also provide a special type of service - they can deliver you to the address you are asking - for people who are in a position to be harmed or injured, for example when you are a foreigner and traveling alone in Georgia. They can bring you to the address you name or to a hotel. Keep in mind that you will have to fill out and sign a form. It is recommended to use this service in the evenings and nights.
== Cities ==