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You can ask cars which are queueing at the ticket booths to [[Trelleborg]] if they will give you a ride. PLEASE NOTE - Apparently Stena Line have recently changed their policy so it is not possible to add passengers to the ticket after it has been booked. However, [[User:lemjok|Lemjok]] encountered no problems when he explained what he was doing to the wardens, nor did he or his driver have to pay a higher fee. It's definitely possible to add passengers to TT Lines (all this confirmed May 2013).
In 2016 hitching between Sweden and Germany doesn't seem to be possible anymore. Stena Line now definitely charge per person, and TT Lines also show a slight increase in price (3€ p.p.) when adding passengers in their online booking form. On the other hand, their website also mentions tickets including a vehicle and "up to 5 persons", so the situation is unclearand further research is needed. Anyway, it should be possible to find drivers willing to add you to their ticket for presumably less than the regular passenger fare.
If you don't find anyone to hitchhike with, the student fare with TT Line to Trelleborg is currently (27th March 2013) 16 € (but 32 € regular!), Stena charges 26 € for everyone. You need to be there 30 minutes before departure.

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