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The Transylvanian road runs through [[Sibiu]] and [[Cluj-Napoca]]. This is the standard route for central and western Transylvania, the other route through Brasov is a "scenic" journey that takes longer.
User Esko says: in April 2016 the fence is still broken. There is a barrier, but if you are able to climb a 180 cm high wall (there is a fence on a side, which makes it easier), you can go to the main road through a hole in the fence. The broken part of the fence is next to the tunnel which the bus arrives into the parking lot. It's maybe better to get out one stop before Carrefour, because otherwise you will spend a lot of time looking for a way to the main road, supposing the fence is repaired or you cannot climb the wall.
=== South towards [[Giurgiu]], [[Bulgaria]], [[Turkey]] {{E|85}} ===

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