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My first ever ride got me from Basel (CH) to just outside Basel in Summer 2011 at the age of 16.
Since then I've hitchhiked many many small distances. My longer hitchhikinh trips are listed belowtook me to:
: 2011: Switzerland, France, Germany <br> 2012: Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland <br> 2013: Sweden, Norway, Denmark<br> 2014: Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Italy<br> 2015: France, Spain, Morocco, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland<br> 2016: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France: (Germany only listed once for simplicity)
I like to hitchhike with other people; most of my hitching has been done as in pairs of two, but hitching with 3 or 4 people is also cool. I hitchhike short distance across Germany a couple or with friendslot, though I enjoy hitching usually alone very much from time to time.
A major challenge for hitchhikers of the future will be to ensure self-driving cars are equipped with a ''Pick Up a Hitchhiker'' function. <br> (start lobbying everybody!)