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== South towards [[Toronto]] ==
Take the 118 to the furthest West of Baseline. It should be called Baseline and Robertson Rd. Here you will see the 416 highway, which goes as South as Prescott. At the entrance ramp here, you can find a ride usually to Kemptville. That is about halfway. Then on the next onramp get to Prescott. Once at Prescott you can find the onramp for the 401 direction Toronto. Try to get to a OnRoute (Ontario service station). Here there is a lot of restaurants and so people have time to chat with you to determine if they trust you or not. At night these service stations are reliable places to hitchhike. Try to hitchhike at a service station without looking like a hitchhiker, so that you have less chance of getting kicked out.
[[User:Jackfang|Jackfang]] ''If the driver offers to drop you off at a small town along the 416 that you have never heard of, you may end up getting stuck. I got stuck many times in Spencerville, and Oxford Station. I was stuck because a car at these on-ramps comes by every 30 minutes, low in traffic. You might want to find a direct ride from the Ottawa 416 on ramp directly, rather than getting dropped in the middle of nowhere. What i ended up doing when I was stuck was walking directly to the highway. This is a big risk if a cop sees me because I will get fined.''

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