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Halle (Saale)

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=== West or East: [[A38 (Germany)|A38]] ===
You can Many trams go with many trams to the stop ''Rennbahnkreuz''. Here begins , the B80 begins, which leads from which you can drive on to the [[A143_(Germany)|A143]], leading in turn to the ''A38''. Might It might be possible to catch lifts towards Leipzig and towards [[Göttingen]] or [[Kassel]], but there is no real place to stand, just a traffic light (after the bridge) where cars towards Leipzig turn left and all others go straight.
=== East to [[Leipzig]] ===
== Hitchhiking in ==
=== Coming From Berlin ([[A9_(Germany)|A9]] North) ===The last service station on the A9, [[Köckern West]], is located just 5km before the exit towards Halle. It is not recommended to get off in Köckern because people going to Halle will usually not stop here, their destination being only 20km away. Instead, ask your driver to take the exit towards Halle and drop you off on the B100. This means a small detour, as the first possibility to turn back towards the Autobahn is a 3km drive from the exit. <br> In [[User:Mohit|Mohit]]'s experience, hitching Berlin-Halle regularly, drivers will gladly do you the favour and no has ever refused. It is best to ask before it's too late to commence plan B, though. (which should be to find a different driver at Rasthof Fläming or Köckern, or alternatively get off at the airport or in [[Leipzig]] and hitch/take a local train from there)<br>Once you're on the B100, there will be lots of traffic with almost everybody going to Halle. You can either hitch the old-fashioned way (thumbing), or ask people at the traffic light or at the gas station 1km down the road. === From the North ([[A14_(Germany)|A14]]) ===
You can get off at ''Tornau''. It is still far to the center, but you can easily hitch another ride during daytime.