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From the main exit ('''South East''') of The Central trainstation head right (South West) on Schipholweg. Turn right onto Plesmanlaan after about 250 meters. This is the big tunnel, not the small one. Follow plesmanlaan for 1.5 km or so when a Shell station will appear on your right. Note that there is not a sidewalk the whole way, but you are allowed to walk until the petrol station, no problem.
From here, you're best off asking people if they pass by the what is commonly as the "bridge restaurant" on the A44A4, unless they go straight to your destination of course. This Service station with a bridge and a few restaurants is a great place from which to hitch on to the airport or Amsterdam.
Do not bother with the BP station on the left early on Plesmanlaan, as they are likely to send you away, depending on who is working that day.
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