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Anything smaller has around the same speed as a scooter or a skateboard, but much more expensive.
If achieving long distances is your goal, biking to a good hitchhiking spot such as a service station, then hitchhiking is a reliable option. User [[User:Jackfang|JackFang]] found that when When hitchhiking, hiding the fold-able bike out of the driver's sight increased can increase the chance of getting a ride rather than showing the driver the bike, even if it is a fold-able bike. This is because many people who may consider to take you can use the bike as an excuse and say no space. Showing the bike to a driver may build trust, however. So consider whether or not to show the bike in it's folded form when hitchbiking.
With folding bikes coming to popularity particularly in more densely populated cities, more drivers are starting to recognize them. What this means is that while pedalling on the road to your destination, it is possible to get a ride by sticking your thumb out for *any car passing by. Some drivers will recognize that you are riding a fold-able bike but they may not understand what you are doing. Having a sign may be helpful depending on the traffic speed.