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Hitchiking out of Ljubljana is relatively easy, in all directions, Standing on the ''Autostrada'' on-ramp.
=== Northeast towards [[Maribor]], [[Austria]] ([[Graz]], [[Vienna]]), [[Hungary]] ===
From the main street, west of the train station (Slovenska cesta, Dunajska cesta), take buses 6, 8 or 11 in direction north. Get off at the stop "Smelt", at the "World Trade Center" tower. Walk further on towards the motorway, then right after the fountain. You will see the road forking, the left lane going down to the motorway, the right lane going higher up. Stand with your sign '''in the middle''' between the two lanes. Even though it might look a bit strange, this is the most common spot and it's easy for drivers to see you and there's enough space for one car to safely stop there.

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