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:''March 2014, for about a month- much, much better than I had anticipated. I hitched from the very north to the very south of Colombia, with nerry an issue. Hitching around the Darien proved frustrating and impossible for me, but when I was in country, things got much better. It is more difficult than say Ecuador, but I rarely waited longer than an hour. The far north is easy to hitch, but getting around big cities can be a real bitch, as there are very few bypasses and you get sucked in. Public transport costs are very high relatively. Police are always nice, and gas station attendants. Do direct hitchhike and ask people at petrol stations, they are always super nice and honest. Was given money for food a number of time, despite refusing weakly. I got offered my longest hitch ever here outside of Neiva, as far as Ushushia in Patagonia which I took as far as Ecuador border. Also had three drivers on cocaine which were great, fast rides, very entertaining and obvious !'' -[[User:lukeyboy95|lukeyboy95]]
Very easy to hitch hike, including with a bicycle. I was offered a lift quite often (especialy when going uphills) without asking for it. Colombians are the most generous. --[[User:Anne-laure|Anne-laure]] ([[User talk:Anne-laure|talk]]) 20:42, 7 February 2015 (CET)

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