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Estonia is relatively a good country for hitch-hiking. The cars (can) stop easily both on the highways and small roads. You can hitch trucks, old Soviet cars, new neat personal cars - and even tractors! Officially there is no difference if a truck driver or a car driver offers you a ride – everyone (except tractors) is allowed to go up to 90km/h, although during the summer period the speed limit on some main roads is lifted up to 110 km/h. However, over-speeding is usual in this country, and so getting a personal car usually is a better choice than traveling with a truck in case you value your time a lot.
[[Hitchhiking at night]] can be much less successful due to the usually low night traffic on the roads in Estonia. Since Estonia is not a very good transit country one shouldn't hope for a truck either. '''''Be aware that if you happen to stand on a dark road at night you must (by law) wear a light reflector so that the drivers can see you'''''. Or better yet - reflector vest - too many people have left their lives on the roads during dark autumn evenings!(Be careful with wearing a vest though as many drivers might think that you are a police officer measuring the speed of cars and will not stop.)
== Weather ==