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== On "Leo Hostel" ==

I stayed at Leo Hostel based on this recommendation but there's a few reasons hitchhikers might not like it:

* It has no kitchen.
* The only common area that's heated in the winter is the bar.
* You can't bring your own food or drink to the bar (and there's no other place to eat/drink your own food.)
* Food and drinks in the bar are double to triple the prices at typical Chinese places down the street.
* You can't hang out in the bar (the only common area) after midnight unless are buying drinks. Tricky for planning your next leg or doing your Wi-Fi stuff.
* I find the staff to be mostly pretty unfriendly.

But it is in a great location, does have plenty of guests even in the low season, has Wi-Fi in the dorms, is only 40 RMB per night for the cheapest dorm, and some of my complaints might be moot in the warmer weather. — [[User:Hippietrail|Hippietrail]] ([[User talk:Hippietrail|talk]]) 06:29, 18 January 2014 (CET)